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Recently, I walked into a well-known business in our city.  The business owner struck up a conversation with me and thanked me for helping his son who had recently received[…]

This fourth of July was planned as so many others before it. Our day was to be centered around the Mission’s annual Fourth of July Picnic and Healthy Hearts Day.[…]

WE DID IT!!  It was nerve-wracking just anticipating a hike of this magnitude – I knew my friends were getting me into another hair-raising adventure! Just to get you up[…]

On June 17, five other Mission directors/retired directors and I will be embarking on a rigorous 2-day, 24 mile hike from the south rim to the north rim of the[…]

BIBLE VERSES:  Mark 10:46-52 Last Sunday, I preached at City Harvest Church in Albany.  I spoke on being “desperate for Jesus” and used the very appropriate story of the blind[…]

This morning I spoke in our New Life Men’s Program Bible Class.  I spoke on 2 Thessalonians 3 in which God warns us against idleness.   Too often when people[…]

The other night our volunteer chapel speaker couldn’t make it and at the last moment the staff came looking for me. I was excited and thankful to share the good[…]

Getting to Manhattan can be a challenge. Tuesday I drove to Beacon (won’t do that again), but finally found parking in Garrison and was on my way on the Metro[…]