Born on the Fourth of July!

This fourth of July was planned as so many others before it. Our day was to be centered around the Mission’s annual Fourth of July Picnic and Healthy Hearts Day.  Then I would travel to Rensselaer and officiate a memorial service for a family whose loved one had passed on.

There was one additional event, however, that I did not plan on, but God did!  My daughter, Rachel called us late on July 3rd and said she was going into early labor! Since she was not due until the end of the month, this was certainly surprising and a bit nerve-wracking.  Needless to say, we had a sleepless night awaiting the arrival of our first grandson.

At 5:22am on July 4th, the day our country was born, so was Samuel Travis Woronowicz…a beautiful, healthy, 6 lbs. 5 oz…and  I am a grandpa!  He is perfect and has already captivated our lives. Rachel is doing very well (as well as can be expected when one is up all night with a crying baby)!

Sue and I are so thrilled to have a grandson. Please pray for him to continue to grow healthy and that someday he will love the Lord with all his heart. Thank you!

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