Pray with Us

The men, women and children we serve are fighting to overcome incredible trauma, loss and despair. Knowing that you’re praying for them gives them such encouragement!

How you can pray

New Life Discipleship Program for men

  • for the men to build a foundation in Christ and lean on Him to resist temptation as they continue on the road to recovery

New Faith Program for women

  • for the women and children to hold fast to Christ and for the Lord to complete the necessary healing in their lives for long-term success
  • for safety of our crew as we move into the final stages of construction to what will be the new home for our women’s program


  • for the Lord to grant wisdom, discernment and grace in their interactions with each other and with our guests

Transitional Living Program

  • for our new graduates and apartment residents, that they will stay strong in their faith, continuing to grow in the Lord and show His love and grace to employers, coworkers, families and friends.

"I would have destroyed my life without the Rescue Mission."

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