Mission Building Project

MISSION ADDITION: What you need to know...

1. The Problem

  • During the cold weather season, as part of the “Code Blue” program, there is a government mandate that the homeless be sheltered when the temperature is at or below 32 degrees.
  • The Mission is one of only two Code Blue shelters in Albany and the only one in the South End neighborhood.  Due to limited space and bed availability, these guests must sleep on mats on the floor.
  • Guests also do not currently have a locker or proper storage for their belongings so they use trash bags.
  • The goal of the proposed expansion is to provide dignity and a better quality of life for current Mission guests.

2. The Project

The Mission has been attempting for over 3 years to obtain City of Albany Planning Board approval of a much needed addition to the main building at 259 South Pearl St. It will be located to the rear of the main building on Mission-owned land which is currently a small parking lot. It will provide…

  • A 100-bed dormitory with beds, lockers and toilet/shower facilities
  • Additional staff housing
  • Expansion of present dining room
  • Indoor/outdoor spaces for guests during the day – opportunities for recreation and counseling, as well as working towards becoming productive citizens.

3. The Planning Board

March 22, 2024 marked 3 YEARS since the Mission submitted the building permit to the City of Albany Planning Board.

Then, at the request of the Planning Board, the Mission prepared and submitted a lengthy and thorough Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). The Board responded with a “deficiency list”, to which the Mission also responded and now awaits further action.

4. Your Part

Please prayerfully consider letting your support for Capital City Rescue Mission be known in one of two ways…

  • Print and send the letters below (adding your address/contact information) to the Mayor/Planning Board as long-time supporters of the Mission.
  • Consider writing your own letter of support (see letters below for addresses).

If you have an Albany address, we strongly urge you to voice your support.

If you would like to learn more, please contact Perry Jones at 518-462-0459 x227. Thank you!

Letter to Mayor Kathy M. Sheehan

Letter to Chris Ellis Jr., Planning Board Chair