New Faith for Women

Safety, support and Christian addiction recovery in Albany, NY for women and their children.

Women and children are the fastest-growing segment of homelessness. Since 2002, many have called the New Faith Program home as they find safety and healing from trauma, abuse, domestic violence and addiction.

In this free, year-long Christian recovery program for homeless and hurting women, each woman (and their children up to age 12) is provided a private apartment during her stay. There are also laundry facilities, a children’s activity room, an outside recreational area and a chapel.

"My daughter and I will have a better life!"

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The four-phase faith-based program helps women change old patterns and transform their lives through:


Education is an important part of a full recovery. We work with our long-term residents to help them get started or continue with their educational programs, including GEDs, college and more.

Employment Readiness

Finding a job is difficult, especially when you are homeless. Residence have full-access to our Learning Center where they are supported and encouraged in a hunt for a job.

Spiritual support and Counseling

Our professionally trained staff work together to make sure residents have the foundation and spiritual support they need to address their life-long struggles. They utilize Bible study, individual/group counseling and other classes.

Addiction Recovery

Maintaining sobriety in a world that embraces sin and temptation is increasingly difficult. Residents attend weekly Celebrate Recovery meetings on-site to help them stay on track.

Parenting/Life skills

Many women have spent their entire lives making self-destructive choices that are passed down to their children. Our staff strives to properly equip participants with the tools to develop healthy relationships and raise their children with the love of Christ.


Recovery is difficult enough without worrying about the physical needs for yourself and your child. New Faith Program participants have access to three meals a day, our free clothing ministry and they visit our medical clinic regularly.

Application Information:

Applications will be received from women in need of addiction recovery and/or emotional healing, who are seeking to grow in their relationship with God, and need a place of refuge. An applicant is ready when…

  • She is ready to commit to a process that will require life-change and lead to sustained sobriety
  • She takes a personal initiative to contact Mission staff
  • She is willing to comply with program guidelines
  • She can maintain sobriety from alcohol, illegal drugs, etc. for at least 28 days prior to admittance.

To apply for enrollment in the New Faith Program, contact:

Margarita MacDonald, Program Manager
518.462.0459 ext. 303

Renovation Project Brings Hope!

Your generosity has enabled our construction team to complete the renovation of the 40,000 square foot warehouse that is the new home of the New Faith Program. You have not only helped us restore this old factory building, but you’ve given us the ability to restore women and children’s lives in Jesus’ name.

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Your donation of $50.00 helps with one day of recovery programs.


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