Susan's Story

Thank you for teaching her about Jesus!

My name is Susan and this is my daughter, Paisleigh. Before coming to the Mission I was broken. My daughter was in foster care and I had nothing to live for.

I grew up with both parents in a volatile household. My parents are alcoholics and they would fight constantly. My dad was in and out of jail.

My parents would yell, break things and the house would become violent. I have six brothers and sisters and we all thought this normal family behavior.

From an early age I suffered with mental health issues and depression. I felt so alone and was filled with anxiety.

As a teen, I started smoking marijuana and cigarettes to cope with my emotions.

When I stole money, drugs and cigarettes from my parents they kicked me out. I became homeless and ended up doing some time in juvenile detention.

When I was 17 I lived with a boyfriend. We had a nasty, toxic relationship so I chose to leave.

Then my dad was released from jail and we reconnected. We had the resources to get a place to live since we both worked full time, but we spent our money on drugs. We were eventually homeless together.

In 2021 I was in an abusive relationship with Paisleigh’s dad. I would use drugs and he would beat me up. I wanted to die. I attempted suicide.

Instead of dying, I woke up in the hospital with an emergency c-section. They took my baby from me.

With my daughter in foster care, I finally hit the crossroads where I wanted my baby more than I wanted the drugs. I knew I needed help. I thought, “My daughter is not going to see me like this. Things will be different for her.”

It was very uncomfortable to leave everything I had ever known to come to Capital City Rescue Mission, but when I got here, it felt like home.

I was able to join the New Faith Program and have my daughter with me. It was amazing!

Through the Mission I’ve learned that God played a huge role in everything. I look back at the times when I didn’t know He was there, but He was.

I never had a faith before and now I see that Jesus can heal the things humans cannot. It’s a miracle!

I didn’t know what my purpose in life was and why I was still alive. Now I want to raise my daughter and help other young people who are struggling.

I am working on getting my license and going back to school. I’ve wanted to be an electrician since I was nine years old. I’m enrolled in the Electrical, Maintenance and Construction Program.

Thank you for teaching me about God! Thank you for supporting this program that has shown me how to be the mom Jesus made me to be.

I hope more people will support the Mission because it has changed my life!

"My daughter and I will have a better life!"

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