Transitional Living

Our Transitional Living Program provides a safe, supportive environment to help people move forward in a healthy lifestyle.

Transitioning from homelessness to a new stable life can be a challenging journey. Even after successfully overcoming addiction, it can be difficult for a man or woman to achieve independent housing and employment at first.

Many graduates have limited funds. Low-income housing areas are often saturated with drug and alcohol use, making it difficult to maintain sobriety.

Our Transitional Living Program typically lasts from 1-3 years and helps people develop healthy habits and make correct choices to further the goal of living independently.

Your support provides qualified graduates of our program:

  • Fully furnished studio apartment
  • Celebrate Recovery meetings
  • Exercise facility/game room
  • Support & accountability
  • Independence

Eligibility Requirements (partial list):

  • Completion of New Life Program or other similar recovery program
  • Employed or have income to pay $400 monthly program fee
  • Minimum of six months of sustained sobriety
  • Commitment to a local church
  • Non-smoker (Smokers must attend Smoking Cessation classes)

"I know now that I don't need drugs to escape hardships, I can turn to Jesus to help me through them."

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For more information or to apply for the Transitional Living Program, contact:
David Poach at 518-462-0459 ext. 240

Your donation of $20.00 helps with one day of transitional living and accountability support.