Robbie's Story

Thank you for giving me hope.

My name is Robbie.  I grew up as a shy kid in Long Island. My parents were hard workers, but every night they drank. At age 14 when my parents moved to upstate New York I felt out of place and wanted to fit in. My new friends and I began drinking.

By the time I graduated from high school my parents divorced and my drinking increased. By age 25 I had five DWI convictions.  My drivers license was revoked and the judge required I leave the state for 5 years, saying I was a menace to his community. I was. In Arizona I went to several rehabs and a half way house.  I began working, was sober for 7 years, and bought a home. Outwardly I was doing well.

When my marriage broke up it left me depressed and stuck in a cycle of drinking and drugging, which consumed my life. I wanted to numb the pain.

Today I realize I was trying to fill the hole in my soul that only Jesus himself can satisfy. A friend from high school brought me to the Capital City Rescue Mission because he had found hope and sobriety through Christ and the New Life program.

So, in 2013, I entered the New Life Program.  One night, in chapel I opened my heart to trust in Jesus. He entered my life. After graduation I faced 2 years of county jail, which I completed.  Afterwards, I knew what I should do, but I ran away from God.  I turned back to my old ways.  I thought I would be an addict for the rest of my life and I didn’t care if I died. Many  of my  friends were dying around me.

My high school friend reached out to me again.  I confessed my fears.  Would the Rescue Mission take me back?  The answer was yes. I was embarrassed, but humbly I returned to the New Life program.  This time I dug into the program, did my homework and gave it my all. My counselors poured into me. I prayed. I listened. And God  began to show me that He is real.  He loves me.

At first I resisted learning how to use the computer and write a resume. But I was no match for my teacher in the Learning Center.  I learned! I’m also learning true joy comes in the presence of Jesus, who gave His life for me and is risen from the dead. I want to know Him better.

Now I am gainfully employed and part of the Mission’s Transitional Living program. This program is helping me to grow in my faith and have accountability in life.  I have a nice apartment and  fellowship with the family of believers, which is a real blessing.  My goals are to discover my purpose in life, to use my gifts to serve God while I prepare for independent living in this world.  I want to live as a wise man and turn away from  foolishness.

The Holy Spirit reminds me to be honest when I’m tempted to be otherwise. He reminds me not to swear because Jesus lives in me. My salvation is a gift, but living a life that honors Christ takes determination and work.  I am far from perfect, but  I am listening to my counselor and praying throughout the day asking God for opportunities and help.

Thank you for giving me hope. I know now that I don’t need drugs to escape hardships, I can turn to Jesus to help me through them. He is my best friend.

"I know now that I don't need drugs to escape hardships, I can turn to Jesus to help me through them."

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