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2020 Summer Newsletter

Beverly was raised in the South Bronx, in a culture of drugs and alcohol. She became pregnant at 17 and when her fiance was shot and killed, it led her into a deep depression and eventually into homelessness. Then, in the dead of winter, she came to the Rescue Mission’s women’s emergency shelter…

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2020 Easter Newsletter

James was a wayward fisherman with a heavy drug and alcohol addiction and an ominous presence. He was in and out of jail and wildly unpredictable. He is a completely different person since he came through the Rescue Mission doors over a year ago.

Watch James’ Inspiring Story…

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2019 Holiday Newsletter

Greg was in and out of more than 30 foster homes as a child, and abused in every way. By age 18 he was homeless and addicted, looking for love in all the wrong places. He knew of God, but struggled with relapses and spent time in jail. He was referred to CCRM and joined the New Life Program

Find out more about Greg’s journey…

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2019 Fall Newsletter

Will was born and raised in California and diagnosed with bi-polar at the age of 11. He became very lonely and isolated as a child. He coped by self-medicating and abusing drugs plunging himself into a life of darkness and broken relationships.

Hungry and homeless, he walked through the doors of the Rescue Mission…

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