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2022 Holiday Newsletter

On the outside, Suzanne looked like she had it all – a great career, a nice home, and a family.  But, in reality, she was in a deep depression and trying to numb the pain with drugs and alcohol. Facing jail time for a DWI, she finally made the decision to clean up her life…


2022 Fall Newsletter

James began experimentation with drugs and alcohol as young as 10 years old as a way to escape loneliness. When he experienced a number of deaths in his family he became entrenched in a deep depression and made many attempts to end his own life.  But his family never stopped praying for him…


2022 Summer Newsletter

When three-year-old Alexis found his mom dead on the floor from a drug overdose he went to live with his grandmother. By the time he was 15, his grandmother had also passed and he was running the streets of the Bronx, embracing the gang life. It would take him three more decades living in addiction and darkness before he would surrender…


2022 Easter Newsletter

Steve lived in SC with his grandmother but when she passed away, he moved to Queens with his mother. He was a shy 11 year-old and had difficulty adjusting to the fast pace of NYC. Peer pressure began early and beer, wine, and marijuana helped him relax and fit in….