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2022 Easter Newsletter

Steve lived in SC with his grandmother but when she passed away, he moved to Queens with his mother. He was a shy 11 year-old and had difficulty adjusting to the fast pace of NYC. Peer pressure began early and beer, wine, and marijuana helped him relax and fit in….


2021 Holiday Newsletter

Leslie’s history of being abused as a child led her to a lifestyle of alcohol and drugs that spiraled out of control. When her job was shut down due to the pandemic and she was betrayed by a friend, she was at rock bottom, wanting to end her life. Desperate, she called her brother Kenny…


2021 Fall Newsletter

When Fred’s beloved father was paralyzed and eventually died due to a terrible accident, Fred became bitter, angry and addicted. Although he tried many times, he could not overcome his addiction. His wife and son continued to pray for him. He looked at them and knew he needed to get sober once and for all. So he jumped on a boxcar in Cleveland, Ohio with neither money nor a plan…


2021 Summer Newsletter

Willie was heinously mistreated as a young child. He was an angry kid who then became an angry adult and used alcohol as a crutch to forget the pain deep in his heart. For years, he struggled with addiction and, even through multiple rehabs, couldn’t seem to stay sober for long. Then someone drove him to Capital City Rescue Mission…

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