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2019 Fall Newsletter

Will was born and raised in California and diagnosed with bi-polar at the age of 11. He became very lonely and isolated as a child. He coped by self-medicating and abusing drugs plunging himself into a life of darkness and broken relationships.

Hungry and homeless, he walked through the doors of the Rescue Mission…

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2019 Summer Newsletter

For 5 years, Eddie just existed and became invisible in a sea of people in NYC. He was homeless and high most of the time, sleeping on park benches or in subway stations. He was eventually arrested and upon release was tired of struggling with addiction. A counselor told him about Capital City Rescue Mission…

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2019 Easter Newsletter

Jovan felt empty and unloved as a child when his mom died at a young age. He was shuffled around between his father, grandparents and foster homes. He started drinking and partying, then stealing. He was incarcerated for over a year and when he was released, God brought him to the Mission to start over…

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2018 Holiday Newsletter

Paige grew up in Colorado in an environment full of substance abuse. She was in and out of jail when she found out she was pregnant. The courts were persuaded to let her out of state to participate in the Mission’s New Faith Program. That was her turning point.

Find out more about Paige’s journey…

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