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2023 Holiday Newsletter

Susan lived in a volatile home growing up. She suffered from mental health and anxiety issues from a young age and began to self-medicate. She entered an abusive relationship and became pregnant. After attempting suicide, she ended up in the hospital and had an emergency C-section. Her baby was immediately taken from her. She knew she need help…


2023 Fall Newsletter

Travonte was homeless at a young age due to some poor relationship choices by his mother. He recognized he had the gift of music, but the environment only lead to alcohol, drugs and an unhealthy pride and arrogance. He chased his musical dreams until he hit rock bottom and was sleeping in abandoned buildings and on park benches, then he started walking…


2023 Summer Newsletter

Mary grew up in the South End of Albany, but was always seen as an outsider. She had little supervision as a child and as a young teen was already drinking, smoking and hanging out with boys. After some devastating events, her life spiraled out of control. She thought jails, institutions and death were the best she could hope for…


2023 Easter Newsletter

Rick received a private, religious education in upstate New York until he chose to go to a public high school. Here, he received a different type of education. One that would lead to a partying lifestyle and eventually a devastating alcohol addiction. He was living on the streets until a kind act from a stranger set him on the correct path…