Travonte's Story

Instead of a worldly view he has a Godly view!

My name is Travonte. I am 33 years old, from Fort Myers, Florida. I grew up with my mom who introduced me to God, but poor relational choices made our home life unstable.

Many times we were homeless in my youth. I asked my mom why we were sleeping outside, and she never had an answer for me.

I would seek the refuge of my grandparent’s house. My grandmother gave me comfort. I was learning to survive, trust in God and building my relationship with Him.

At an early age, I recognized that God gave me a voice and the gift  of music, but I used it for my own glorification.

By middle school music was my consuming focus. As part of the crowd and industry I used alcohol and marijuana regularly.

I was filled with pride and arrogance and the idea that I didn’t need any help from anyone at any time.

Last year, separating from my wife, was rock bottom for me. I didn’t have a place to live and I felt God sending me to New York.

Thinking I was following my music dreams, I drove 1400 miles north to start my new life. I left everyone and everything behind.

But my past followed me.

Until I lost my car, I lived in it. I found myself  sleeping in abandoned buildings, and on park benches. I didn’t have food, clothing or anywhere to stay.  God what are you trying to show me? I was lost so I prayed, “I trust you, Lord,” and  He answered my prayer.

I followed the walking GPS on my phone to the Mission.

I was able to eat, I got to take a shower and was given clean clothes. It was the little things that I had taken for granted.  How grateful I was for a place to lay my head.

Entering the New Life Program for men and having my basic needs met allowed me to dig into God’s word and focus on my relationship with Christ.

Jesus humbled me and softened my heart. He showed me that I had been using the gift of music to tear people down instead of build people up for His glory.

I have always struggled with anxiety and the fear of the things I could not control.  At the Mission, I had to face that fear. I had to learn to turn control over to the Lord. Once I finally did, He gave me His incredible peace.

Jonah has always spoken to me.  I was fleeing from the way God wanted me to go. He let me jump off my own boat in order to save me!

God brought me a great distance to free me from myself and bring me to Him. Praise God for His plans and not mine (Jeremiah 29:11).

As a graduate of the New Life Program, I want a faith like Abraham. “I don’t know where I’m going, I don’t know what I’m doing, but Lord, I put my trust in you.”

Today, I serve at the Mission  by doing chores, devotions and serving in the chapel.

 Thank you for giving me meaningful relationships. My counselor, pastors, staff and the guests that come to the chapel  have changed my worldly view into a Godly view.

"Praise God for His plans, not mine!"

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