God is at work

Two women spoke to me today on my direct line…not to sign up for the Hearts of Hope Luncheon, not  to ask about donating.

The first was Darlene who urgently wanted help for a friend who is homeless, struggling with addiction, and in her words, “broken.”  As we talked she told me she had come through the Mission’s New Faith Program for women a number of years ago. She is doing well now, working and caring for her daughter.  I wasn’t sure how I could help, but she just wanted someone from the Rescue Mission to connect with her friend…today.

I thought, “I can do that!”

She gave me the number where her friend has a temporary place to stay.  I called.  She answered a few questions and said, “Whatever I need to do…”  I told her I would be sure to have a program staff member call and prayed with her for God’s direction and help to know Him and find recovery.

Tears choked her voice as she said thank you.

Then, I passed her name and number to our case manager in the women’s program on her personal email.

Our conversations reminded me that God is the one who is at work seeking and saving the lost.  And He uses us together…we are workers together with Him to reach the brokenhearted and bring healing.

You are a vital part of the process with each donation of time, prayer, or finances.  So, thank you for caring and bringing hope, one call at a time, one person at a time.

Susan Jones (Mrs. Perry Jones)
Director of Development

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