“I’m Lovin’ It!”

This past week I was at a local McDonald’s getting my order, when a worker from the food prep area saw me and approached with his hand out to shake my hand.  He told me that he had been a guest at our Mission one year ago.  He was visibly moved as he related his success a year later. He wanted me to know that the Mission had made the difference in his life change and how the Lord had touched him deeply at the Mission.  He was now living on his own with a new family and a job at McDonald’s.

He wanted me to know of his deep gratitude.  I could see his eyes watering up as he clung to my hand, not wanting to let go – and for the moment I more fully realized the impact that our Mission has on real lives in our community.  Many eyes at McDonald’s were fixed on the two of us  sharing a moment of gratitude:  His gratitude to me for the Mission’s part in his life, and my gratitude to the Lord Jesus for allowing me the privilege  to be involved in such an impacting ministry as Capital City Rescue Mission.   Glory to God.

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