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Last week, I awaited the arrival of former New Life Programmer, Austin.  Austin graduated from our recovery program last year and came up from New York City so we could visit and take him out to lunch.  I was excited about this for a number of reasons, one being that I was able to stray from[…]

A couple of years ago, I was doing an intake of a guest when he told me he could not stay with us because of his religion.  He then asked how he could get connected with the local Muslim mosque and shelter.  I told this gentleman that I had no idea where a mosque or[…]

I’ll never forget eating at the Mission 32 years ago, when I first began as the Executive Director of the Rescue Mission and the only employee. In 1982, it was a real soup kitchen in every way with a typical dinner consisting of day old bread and a simple, unexciting bowl of soup. I was told by[…]

Have you ever had a week that was filled with hospitals?  This week for us at New Faith has been one of those weeks.  One of our graduates had just been discharged from a local hospital after a failed surgery attempt to address a newly diagnosed lung cancer.  Unfortunately, she found herself back in Intensive[…]

Easter Sunday was very special day at the Mission.  Hundreds of people gathered for an Easter Chapel full of good music, testimonies and hope found in the risen Christ Jesus.   Many lives were touched.  The day continued with a ham dinner with all the fixings and plenty of candy for all, especially the children, who[…]

Mike volunteers in the kitchen and dining room 5 days a week. He shows up at 5:45 AM and by 1PM often finishes up by clearing my lunch dishes with a smile. He serves cheerfully and faithfully.  I see him 5 days a week.  Yesterday I got to know him better and realized he is a[…]

God brings the right volunteers at the right time.  Monday, we started training on the new Electronic Medical Record.  It’s an overwhelming thing to transition all that paper to computers, especially when there are 60 very part time volunteers involved.  But God has really provided the people we need to do it, especially Daryl who[…]

A guest client signed up to see me early in the day, he was interested in a faith-based recovery program, he said, “He was sick and tired of secular programs”, he felt he was not getting what he needed out of those programs. I offered him a chance to apply to our New Life Program,[…]

In recent days, I have had the joy and privilege of studying through the book of II Timothy as it is the topic of the weekly women’s bible study that I teach at my church.  The book was written by the Apostle Paul to his beloved son Timothy at the end of his life.  It[…]

This past week I was at a local McDonald’s getting my order, when a worker from the food prep area saw me and approached with his hand out to shake my hand.  He told me that he had been a guest at our Mission one year ago.  He was visibly moved as he related his[…]