God Answers Prayers

A guest client signed up to see me early in the day, he was interested in a faith-based recovery program, he said, “He was sick and tired of secular programs”, he felt he was not getting what he needed out of those programs. I offered him a chance to apply to our New Life Program, but he wanted to relocate, as he felt there was too much temptation here in Albany and he wouldn’t be able to concentrate on this program.

I called around to various mission programs, but there were no openings…not until I called Morris Town New Jersey…they did a phone interview with this guest, and ended up accepting him. Morris Town NJ wanted him to come right away, but he had no money for bus or train transportation. Downcast, he said, “I finally got accepted into a Christian program, but I have no way of getting there.”

I told the young man to trust in the Lord, let us give it to God, lets pray together – and we did – we prayed the Lord would provide a way for him to get to Morris Town, NJ. Later that same day, at chapel time, the pastor who was scheduled to preach that night brought a friend with him (who also happened to be a pastor). He began chapel by introducing his friend and saying, “If anyone needs prayer after tonight’s service, please talk to us, and we’ll pray for you”. So this young guest took the pastors up on their offer.  This young man’s prayer was for a way to get to Morris Town NJ, as it turns out, the pastor who was visiting lives only 20 minutes away from the Morris Town NJ Mission!  He offered to take our guest with him and drop him off at the mission.

The young man was so excited, he couldn’t wait to find me and tell me the great news, that God had answered his prayers and he was leaving right after dinner. I called Morris Town Mission to let them know that he was on his way.

It is so exciting to see how God works, remember there weren’t any openings in any of the other mission programs, just Morris Town, now tell me God did not work this whole thing out! Amen.

David Poach
Admissions Director

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