Fools Made Wise #40

Proverbs 11:8:

A righteous person is delivered out of trouble, and the wicked takes his place.

The fortieth comic of Fools Made Wise starts with Leroy and James driving in James’ car. Leroy is thanking James for letting him drive, and James responds that he is glad to help lend a hand to help Leroy move out faster.

In panel two, Leroy starts to speed. James tells him to slow down, but Leroy wants to see what his car can do (his old car only had two gears: off and slow). And within moments, there is a police car’s lights on behind them.

Officer Ralph asks Leroy if he thinks he is going a bit fast, and asks for his license and registration. Leroy responds that none of that matters this time because this isn’t his car. Thinking he is getting away with this, Leroy laughs it off to himself.

Officer Ralph calmly reminds him that he is not sure where Leroy got his information and because he was the one driving, he is the one liable. Leroy thought James would get in trouble because he was the one with the license and he was the one with the registration and insurance. But as Proverbs 11:8 reminds us, “A righteous person is delivered out of trouble, and the wicked takes his place.” Let’s just see how that plays out…

Leroy fires back to Officer Ralph, quite rudely, that what he just told him was just “bogus cop-talk” and that his “silly consequences don’t apply here”— so get moving! He also addresses Officer Ralph by his favorite nickname for him: ham-steak. Ooooo…not good…

You can almost feel the blood rushing to Officer Ralph’s face as he asks Leroy to step out of the vehicle and put his hands on his head. This is where the comic ends, but Leroy’s negative interactions with the law are unfortunately just beginning.

This comic reminds us that because Jesus, the righteous one, was delivered in our place, we (through faith in Him) could go free. But that’s a gift we must receive! So let’s NOT be like Leroy and find ourselves getting what we deserve for our foolishness; let’s instead receive the grace God has given us in Jesus, and live our lives free in Him!

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