Fools Made Wise #39

Proverbs 11:7:

When a wicked man dies, hope perishes, and expectation of power comes to nothing.

The thirty-ninth comic of Fools Made Wise starts with Leroy and James standing in front of their house. Leroy tells James that as he is on the verge of a whole new life, he wants to impart to him three essential core values. James rolls his eyes and permits Leroy to continue.

Leroy begins. “#1: This life is all there is— so enjoy it all you can. #2: You are your own final authority— so live like it, no matter what. And #3: No one is gonna give you nothin’— so you’d better take what you can when you can. Copyright, Leroy, 2024.”

Leroy feels pretty good about these, but like usual, James bursts his bubble and brings him back to reality. James tells him that none of his values transcends death, and that his misguided hope and exaggerated sense of power will die with him. This reminds us of Proverbs 11:7: “When the wicked man dies, hope perishes, and expectation of power comes to nothing.”

Also like usual, Leroy disregards anything of value that James has to say. He thinks James is jealous that he doesn’t have “values” like Leroy’s to guide his life. And that reminds Leroy of a fourth value to add to his list: “#4: Don’t listen to the naysayers; they always wrong on the things that matter most!”

James actually agrees with Leroy on that one. This comic teaches us the value of living with eternity in view. Leroy’s values are firmly anchored in THIS life: this life is all there is, you’re the final authority for your life, and get all you can while you’re here. All of these assume there’s nothing AFTER this life to look forward to.

But because Jesus BEAT death and came back to life, and because He is the final authority on what happens AFTER this life, there IS something we can live for after this life: life with God forever. Knowing this, and living our lives in light of eternity, is far wiser than living life without hope.

So let’s learn from Leroy to base our hope on something that truly transcends death. Copyright, Jesus, 2024.

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