Fools Made Wise #45

Proverbs 11:13:

One who brings gossip betrays a confidence, but one who is of a trustworthy spirit is one who keeps a secret.

The forty-fifth comic of Fools Made Wise starts with Leroy standing outside realizing that he is need of major money (and quick!) or he will never be able to move out. In the next panel, the lightbulb over his head goes off and he comes up with a great idea.

In panel 3, Leroy is sitting behind a rickety gossip station that he fashioned out of some old plywood. Next to the sign says “$1 per juicy tidbit.” Petey and Zoobie show up, and Petey gives Leroy a dollar to give him some good dirt on Zoobie.

Leroy proceeds to tell Petey about the time Zoobie wanted a McBurgerLand burger so bad that he almost hit a mother and her child in the drive-thru. Zoobie is outraged that Leroy would share his
secret with Petey, and reminds Leroy that he promised not to tell his secrets. They even pinky-promised on it!

Leroy tells Zoobie that his fingers were crossed so it didn’t count. He then asks if anyone else wants some dirt because he has some good stuff on everyone out there. This whole comic showcases the truth in Proverbs 11:13, that “One who brings gossip betrays a confidence, but one who is of a trustworthy spirit is one who keeps a secret.”

Of course, Leroy does the exact OPPOSITE of what this verse is teaching. He brings gossip, betrays Zoobie’s confidence, and shows that he is NOT of a trustworthy spirit because he cannot keep a

Because we are new people in Jesus, with brand new hearts and with His Spirit now inside us, may we be a people who practice this verse the right way: may we be a people who DON’T bring gossip about others. May we be a people who can hold the confidence of those who come to us, and may we be a people in whom is found a trustworthy spirit because of Jesus. Our friends will thank us for it!

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