Fools Made Wise #44

Proverbs 11:12:

One who despises his neighbor is void of wisdom, but a man of understanding holds his peace.

The forty-fourth comic of Fools Made Wise starts with James running up to Leroy, telling him that their neighbor Tucker is looking for him. Leroy sticks out his tongue, expresses his disgust (Blech!) and tells James that he hates that guy. Immediately this shows us the first part of Proverbs 11:12, that “One who despises his neighbor is void of wisdom.”

No sooner do the words leave Leroy’s mouth than Tucker shows up looking for his rope. In typical Leroy fashion, he denies this. But Tucker tells him that he watched him sneak onto his property, go into his shed, and steal it out of there. He then issues him an ultimatum: give it back to him immediately before he ties him up with it!

Not one to back down easily (even when his life is in danger), Leroy tells him he can’t do this. He calls Tucker “Loudmouth” (not a smart move!)— and tells him his needs this rope to move out. He then reasons with him: “You wouldn’t want to slow down Leroy’s moving out, now would you?”

Tucker can’t argue with that. He capitulates. He tells Leroy if it will get him out of there faster, he will hold his peace… for now. This shows us the second part of Proverbs 11:12, that a “man of
understanding holds his peace.”

Despite holding his peace, Tucker warns Leroy that if he breaks into his stuff again, he’ll be limping out of there the next time: a clear message that even Leroy would be wise to heed.

This comic shows us that we have a choice how we are going to treat our neighbors: because Jesus has loved us and has given His life for us, we are to love our neighbors in the same way He loved us. This leads us to de-escalating situations (instead of inflaming them), and seeking to bless our neighbors instead of stealing from them. So with the Lord’s help, may we grow as “people of understanding”— holding our peace, and loving our neighbors as the Lord has loved us.

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