Fools Made Wise #14

Proverbs 10:14:

Wise men lay up knowledge, but the mouth of the foolish is near ruin.

The fourteenth comic of Fools Made Wise starts with James asking Mom what he should do about the girl he is dating, Wendy. Mom tells him that if he has prayed about it and is ready to commit more seriously, then he should take her out and talk to her about their relationship.

James listens to this (showing the first part of Proverbs 10:14: Wise men lay up knowledge). Leroy overhears this conversation, and in typical Leroy-fashion, inserts himself into it. He tells James that Mom’s advice is terrible; he suggests moving in with Wendy (to see what she’s really like). To Leroy, this is far better advice: the moment James finds something wrong with her, he can send her packing. Oh Leroy…

James realizes that Leroy’s advice will only ruin his relationship (showing the second part of Proverbs 10:14, that the mouth of the foolish is near ruin), so he tells Leroy that he is going with Mom’s advice instead. Leroy tells him to suit himself, and the comic ends with him asking James if Wendy has any cute friends (since he hasn’t been on a date in a while). James isn’t surprised by that in the slightest!

Luke 9:35 tells us: And a voice came out of the cloud, saying, “This is my Son, my Chosen One; listen to him!” So who are we listening to these days? And are they worth listening to?

This Proverb reminds us that wise men listen to knowledge from others, but fools run their mouths to their own ruin. The wisest thing we can do is listen to Jesus and do what He says. May He give us the grace to do just that!

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