A Couple of Heartfelt Thank Yous

It was about 5:45PM this past Thursday.  LeRoy and I met on the sidewalk.  He had just gotten off the bus from work and still had his Albany Med ID around his neck.  We greeted each other and I asked how he liked his job and his studio apartment in the Transitional Living Program.

LeRoy transports patients at Albany Med and graduated from the New Life Program about a year ago.  He was one of the first men to move into the Transitional Living building last September.

I guess I expected a quick response, because I was surprised when he paused, looked at me intently and said, “You know I thank God, and I really want to thank you, too. This is the first time I have ever been able to have a job and save.  I am so thankful for my apartment, it’s great.”

He stopped, looked me in the eye, and emphasized his words. “Really, I want to thank you, besides thanking God.”

A bit taken back, but understanding this was important to him, I shook his hand and said, “You’re welcome. God bless you.”

I realized LeRoy was thanking me, as a representative of staff and supporters, who have made it possible for him to know Christ, maintain his sobriety, grow in his life skills and enable him to transition to independence.

The next day, the parents of a young woman who is part of the Mission’s New Faith Program came to visit.  As I gave them a tour of the Rescue Mission, they expressed how thankful they were that their daughter and her baby could be here.

More than once they exclaimed, “Our daughter is getting the Word of God here. The Word of God is transforming her.  We can hardly believe the change we’ve already witnessed in her life.  Thank you. Thank you. We couldn’t afford a program, but God provided this place for her.”

So will you also please accept from LeRoy, and this mom and dad, a heartfelt thank you for all you do to help men and women who struggle with addiction, homelessness, poverty and abuse.  You are truly making a difference.

Susan Jones

Director of Development

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