Suzanne's Story

Thank you for giving her hope.

My name is Suzanne. I grew up in the shadow of my older brother who was controlling and abusive. I was afraid of him, but also looked up to him. In high school he introduced me to drugs and alcohol.

When he went to prison, I was so empty inside. I felt very alone. I didn’t know how to deal with the grief and trauma I was going through. That was the first time I attempted suicide. I relied on drugs and alcohol to numb my pain.

My addictions snowballed over the years. I spent most of my life in abusive relationships because that’s what made me feel “safe.” I tried counseling and other programs but none had a lasting impact on me.

From the outside looking in, I appeared very successful. I had a great career, a home, husband and a family. I could work all day and then come home and drink. I saved my drug use for the weekends.

It looked like I had everything together, but I was miserable in my addiction and suffering.

Some time later I had lost everything and was living in hotel rooms until all of my money was spent on drugs. I began living out of my car.

I was facing jail time due to a DWI and that’s when I made the decision to clean up my life and come to the Mission.

When I entered Capital City Rescue Mission, I was lost, alone, and self-defeated. I was shameful and full of regrets.

I had been brought up in the Christian faith from a young age and my mom’s side of the family had introduced me to Jesus. But I had walked away from Him in my drug use. Every time I got sober I would look back and see how God had been with me.

When I first entered the New Faith Program for Women I was resistant because I still wanted to drink. I thought I could fake being sober for awhile. But during the healing process I began to understand that Jesus gave His life for me.

He loves me and wants a relationship with me.  In Philippians 4:19, the Bible tells us,

“And my God will supply every need of yours
according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.”

I didn’t know that it  was possible to trust God to provide for me.

When I couldn’t take care of myself, the staff was there for me. With your help, I have food, clothing, and shelter. I have everything that Jesus promised He would give to me.

When my mom passed away in May, I never imagined I could get through the loss without drugs and alcohol…ever. It’s a miracle, and it would not have been possible without the Rescue Mission.

Now I work at the Mission’s Women’s Emergency Shelter, I give back by volunteering in the salon where I cut hair and share God’s love with everyone I meet. I want to tell everyone about Jesus and how He loves them.

Thank you for supporting me! I am grateful. I have been restored. I’m accepted and valued. I am loved, most of all by Jesus.


"At Capital City Rescue Mission, I was fully loved until I could love myself."

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