Steve's Story

God is shaping me into the man he created me to be.

My name is Steve and I am 66 years old. I grew up in South Carolina with my grandmother who was the only mother I knew for years.

She sent me to church where I learned God was great, but that’s all I knew.

My mother moved to New York to find work, but didn’t return until I was old enough to spend the summers with her. My home was with my grandmother until one morning I found her. She had passed away. I was just 11.

I was always shy so moving to Queens to live with my mother was hard. New York had a faster pace than the south. And peer pressure began early. Beer, wine and marijuana helped me feel relaxed and able to fit in.

Somewhere along the line I began using drugs, drinking frequently and experimenting with cocaine. Soon I was addicted.

I married at 20 and had a son, Steve Jr., but my wife and I separated. I wasn’t willing to settle down. I lived a sin-filled life and moved from one relationship to another.

In 1990 I learned my wife had been shot and killed by her boyfriend. She was found on the street; wrapped in a blanket. It was horrible and overwhelming.

My life went downhill. I spent time incarcerated on drug charges and for violating parole. It took me 20 more years to finally humble myself and seek help.

After spending time in various rehab programs and in a Rescue Mission in New Jersey I learned more about God. I understood Jesus loves me and died for me.

I thought I was okay; but I stumbled back into my old ways. I had been successfully driving cabs – even owned my own. But my pride made me think life was all about me and i didn’t need God.

Overnight it seemed like I lost my job, lost all my money and had nowhere to live. My life was in turmoil and despair.

Then, I heard God speak to my heart, “Have you had enough?” I remember getting on my knees with a repentant heart.

I had learned about Capital City Rescue Mission so I took the bus to Albany and entered the New Life Program. I felt like part of the family right away.

Studying God’s Word every day has me realize my God and Savior can be trusted. And He has given me His Holy Spirit to help me obey Him.

My favorite verse is 2 Cor. 5:17:

Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new.

God is shaping me into the man he created me to be. When I completed the New Life Program I was hired on staff at the Rescue Mission as a van driver. I enjoy driving to support the work of the Mission.

My mentor, Pastor Reggie, and my church family at Riverview Baptist Church also support me.

I have reconciled with my son, my daughter and my grandchildren. I love to visit with them in Queens.

My faith is growing stronger every day. Your support has enabled me to be still and know God and to live His way. I am so grateful for Capital City Rescue Mission.

Thank you for a new life in Christ.

"My pride made me think I didn't need God."

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