Connor's Story

Because you care, his future is bright!

My name is Connor. I am 23. I experimented with drugs in high school, and became addicted to heroin and suboxone by the time I was 20. Soon I felt trapped in my addiction, without hope, even though I had survived a serious car crash with only injuries and several drug overdoses.

My cousin encouraged me to enter the New Life Program at the Rescue Mission. I came through the doors on November 7th. I was hurting, a mess, and skeptical that I could ever change. One of the staff counselors asked me, “Do you want to keep living this way?” His question made me think.

At the end of my first week I got on my knees and cried out to God. “I can’t keep going. I need your help.” God began to answer my prayers. He spoke to me clearly about building “my house on a solid rock” not on “sand.”

God provided food, clothing, and shelter at the Mission, but most importantly a relationship with Himself through faith in Jesus Christ. God is now my Father. Jesus is my solid rock.

On Easter Sunday I was baptized at King’s Chapel. My whole family was there to witness my step of obedience and submission. Our relationships have been wonderfully restored.

Although I have a job for the summer, my goal is to take the entrance exam for the state trooper academy and begin a career in law enforcement. I am studying and practicing until the exam date.

I am beyond grateful to be at the Rescue Mission. I’m thankful I have my whole life ahead of me to walk with the Lord.

"I’m thankful I have my whole life ahead of me to walk with the Lord."

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