Fools Made Wise #7

Proverbs 10:7:

The memory of the righteous is blessed, but the name of the wicked will rot.

The seventh comic of Fools Made Wise starts with James and Pop in the attic. James finds an old photo album and asks Pop about someone he doesn’t recognize.

Pop tells James that the person is James’ Great Grandfather. Pop smiles, and tells James that his great grandfather was attentive, reliable, and diligent, the same qualities that James has (the first part of Proverbs 10:7 tells us that the memory of the righteous is blessed; that is certainly the case here). James is encouraged by that and thanks Pop for the compliment.

The next scene has Leroy stomping upstairs in a huff. He sees that Pop and James are looking at a photo album and asks where the picture of Uncle Henry is. Pop is frustrated by this (Henry was a horse thief) and asks Leroy if there is anyone else in the family he could aspire to be like. To Pop, Henry’s name and memory were akin to rot (this captures the second half of Proverbs 10:7)—and he can’t fathom why Leroy would want to be like him.

The strip ends with James looking at the picture of Henry while Leroy puts on a cowboy hat, and asking them if either of them knew where he could find a horse. Leroy and Henry look eerily alike, and without a divine intervention, it seems that Leroy is going down the same path as Henry did.

This Proverb causes us to pause to think about what kind of life we want to live… and what kind of legacy we ultimately want to leave. Solomon (the writer of this Proverb) tells us that those who are ‘righteous’ (according to the whole counsel of Scripture, those who have placed their faith in the One God provided for them, Jesus), as they live lives that reflect Him, their memory will be blessed. On the other hand, those who reject God and live life ultimately for themselves, their name and legacy will rot along with them in the grave.

The kind of life that lives beyond the grave is the life connected to the One who beat death by His death and resurrection, our Lord Jesus Christ. May our lives, and our legacy, be firmly rooted to Jesus so our memory many generations from now will be blessed!

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