Fools Made Wise #23

Proverbs 10:23:

It is a fool’s pleasure to do wickedness, but wisdom is a man of understanding’s pleasure.

The twenty-third comic of Fools Made Wise starts with Leroy laughing hysterically and telling James he needs to see the look on Pop’s face. James isn’t amused and asks Leroy what he did now. Leroy tells him, still laughing, that he hid the key to Pop’s tractor. This shows us the first part of Proverbs 10:23, that It is a fool’s pleasure to do wickedness.

Pop shows up, frustrated that he’s already lost an hour of work looking for his key. James tells him that he has an extra key, and that he will help Pop get caught up as well. This shows us the second part of Proverbs 10:23, that wisdom is a man of understanding’s pleasure.

As Pop and James are walking off, Leroy rudely shouts that he hopes they have fun, and that they can find all the tools they need. The comic ends with Leroy laughing, but no one else finds his shenanigans funny.

This comic shows us that we can delight in either wisdom or foolishness. Delighting in wisdom leads to being a man of
understanding, while delighting in foolishness leads to being a fool. Aren’t you glad that Jesus came to make wise in Him?

His grace is big enough to take fools and truly make them wise… but our cooperation is needed. Will we choose to cherish wisdom, becoming wise as a result (God’s way), or will we
continue to love foolishness, becoming more foolish as a result (the world’s way)? The choice is ours!

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