Christ is the Cure

My first stop on the way to work today was with a faithful friend of the Rescue Mission, who is at home in hospice care.  She opened her eyes and confided, “I’m ready to go, I’m tired.”  We talked a little about heaven; no more tears, no more pain, and of Jesus.  Her words became stronger.  And she went on to talk about her funeral where she wants Perry to talk about Jesus.  We rejoiced because Jesus has overcome our last enemy, death.  A bit later, her daughter and I shed some tears, and mourned together, because we will miss Christine.

Later, another friend and volunteer called to find out about her next volunteer date.  And soon, we were mourning together because of the recent loss of her husband.

Then, I recalled Mike’s story, a New Life program graduate, who mourned the loss of his father, grandfather and grandmother within short months of each other.  He told me his grief spiraled deep into addiction for 20 years.

Each person made me feel deeply the mourning that is part of this life… but also the rejoicing that comes because of faith in the living Christ.

Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life, is giving Christine hope as she looks forward to a new body, in a new place.  And Mike is rejoicing because he knew his loved ones had trusted in Jesus and now he too is a new creation in Christ and a partaker of eternal life.

The words of Romans 12:15 say, “Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.”

So today, for me, was a day to rejoice and a day to mourn, and I felt a bit more of this life’s brevity and the hope of eternity.

It also reminded me of a sign I first saw on a church when Perry was in seminary.  “Life is short. Death is sure. Sin is the cause, Christ is the cure.”

Susan Jones
Director of Development

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