Acting or Reality?

I think we can all agree that whether it is a sitcom, drama, or even a reality show, there is always that element of acting or playing to the audience or camera. In our 9-month New Life Recovery Program classes, oftentimes the men use role-play and act out certain situations to help each other work through issues and conflict. One such situation called for program participants, Darryl and Wayne to act out what it would look like to lead someone to the Lord. They walked to the front of the room and, in front of their onlooking peers, each took a simulated turn in helping the other pray and ask God to forgive their sins, change their hearts, and ultimately save them.

When done with the simulation, their previously quiet and attentive classmates were abuzz. All of them were in agreement – Wayne and Darryl’s role-play did not seem the least bit acted out.

Both of them explained that the reason it was so realistic was because it was indeed authentic. They both actually led each other to Jesus Christ…in front of the entire class! What a powerful and genuinely real moment. Praise the Lord.

Darryl & Wayne both graduated from the recovery program this afternoon and are also the very first recipients at the Mission to obtain a Celebrate Recovery one-year sober coin. Congratulations to them both and may God bless them as they continue to serve Him!

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