Trust in the Lord…

At the New Faith Program, many of our ladies are in their transition phase where they begin to look for employment. At the present time, the ladies who are work-ready have been hired in both part-time and full-time jobs.

One of our graduates has been working full-time through a temp agency and was hoping for, and expecting, a permanent position in the very near future. Recently, she received a phone call after work and, instead of being offered a permanent position, she got the devastating news that she was being laid off. She struggled to wrap her mind around the fact that she was now jobless.

It’s in times like these that what we believe and who we are trusting in makes all the difference. Proverbs 3 reminds us,¬†“Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your paths.” After the initial shock and pain of losing her job, it was wonderful to see her openly acknowledge the fact that she needed to trust in the Lord and surrender her situation to Him. She recognized that there must be a purpose in what was happening because everything that the Lord does is good. So, with glowing recommendations from her previous employer, she began to pray and begin a new job search.

Within just a few days, she burst into my office with a big smile on her face and told me that she was hired at a new job which would start in the near future at a better location. How marvelous it was to see her process this personal trial in the reality of the truth of God’s Word. She learned not to lean on her own understanding and to dismiss the voices in her mind that would condemn and leave her feeling like a failure. She is a child of God and as such can trust Him with all of her circumstances and rejoice when He provides the direction and opportunity that she needs.

Nancy R. Dore
Director of Family Services

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