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Outside My Window

My computer faces the window and every so often I gaze across South Pearl Street. Sometimes there are children running by, two people having a discussion, or George watering the flowers. But, this morning I noticed an older gentleman with shoulder length white hair and a cane, across the street. He offered his hand to a[…]

A Couple of Heartfelt Thank Yous

It was about 5:45PM this past Thursday.  LeRoy and I met on the sidewalk.  He had just gotten off the bus from work and still had his Albany Med ID around his neck.  We greeted each other and I asked how he liked his job and his studio apartment in the Transitional Living Program. LeRoy transports[…]

Christ is the Cure

My first stop on the way to work today was with a faithful friend of the Rescue Mission, who is at home in hospice care.  She opened her eyes and confided, “I’m ready to go, I’m tired.”  We talked a little about heaven; no more tears, no more pain, and of Jesus.  Her words became[…]

Mike, a Trophy of Grace

Mike volunteers in the kitchen and dining room 5 days a week. He shows up at 5:45 AM and by 1PM often finishes up by clearing my lunch dishes with a smile. He serves cheerfully and faithfully.  I see him 5 days a week.  Yesterday I got to know him better and realized he is a[…]

God is at work

Two women spoke to me today on my direct line…not to sign up for the Hearts of Hope Luncheon, not  to ask about donating. The first was Darlene who urgently wanted help for a friend who is homeless, struggling with addiction, and in her words, “broken.”  As we talked she told me she had come[…]