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Liberating for the Lord

If you look up hero in the dictionary there very well may be a picture of 94 year-old veteran, Harold Williams next to it. I am left mesmerized each time I have the privilege of listening to his stories. You see, Harold was assigned to the 62nd Armor Battalion of the 1st Infantry Division in World[…]

Answering Our Leader’s Call…

Recently, as you may have heard on the news, Governor Andrew Cuomo has called on New York shelters to improve their facilities and services to the homeless. Some shelters are dirty, smelly, and unsafe. They have not kept up their standards and they need to be held accountable. However, here at Capital City Rescue Mission, we[…]

Windows for Women

The other day, I was taking a visiting pastor for a tour around our campus and we ran into one of the women who is a participant in our New Faith Program. She is nearing the end of her stay with us and was excited about what God has done in her life just in[…]

From Rock Bottom to the Rock of Salvation

The other day, a man from Nepal, (I’ll call him “Nai”) came into my office — you could almost literally say he was at the end of his rope.  Nai was a quiet, gentle soul who, very obviously, had bottled everything inside and he was about to explode.  Thankfully, God brought him to the Mission.[…]

I’ll never forget…

I’ll never forget eating at the Mission 32 years ago, when I first began as the Executive Director of the Rescue Mission and the only employee. In 1982, it was a real soup kitchen in every way with a typical dinner consisting of day old bread and a simple, unexciting bowl of soup. I was told by[…]

Repenting frame of mind

Easter Sunday was very special day at the Mission.  Hundreds of people gathered for an Easter Chapel full of good music, testimonies and hope found in the risen Christ Jesus.   Many lives were touched.  The day continued with a ham dinner with all the fixings and plenty of candy for all, especially the children, who[…]

“I’m Lovin’ It!”

This past week I was at a local McDonald’s getting my order, when a worker from the food prep area saw me and approached with his hand out to shake my hand.  He told me that he had been a guest at our Mission one year ago.  He was visibly moved as he related his[…]

The Prodigal Son

Recently, I walked into a well-known business in our city.  The business owner struck up a conversation with me and thanked me for helping his son who had recently received help from the Mission. He informed me that his son is now working and living independently. He said it would not have been possible without[…]

Born on the Fourth of July!

This fourth of July was planned as so many others before it. Our day was to be centered around the Mission’s annual Fourth of July Picnic and Healthy Hearts Day.  Then I would travel to Rensselaer and officiate a memorial service for a family whose loved one had passed on. There was one additional event,[…]

Rim to Rim Reflections

WE DID IT!!  It was nerve-wracking just anticipating a hike of this magnitude – I knew my friends were getting me into another hair-raising adventure! Just to get you up to speed:   Beginning on June 17, we embarked on a 2-day, rim to rim, 24-mile hike of the Grand Canyon. We started at the[…]